Client: Hatch Art Project
Location: 7 Yong Siak St, Singapore
Tags: #branding #spatialdesign  #creativedirection


Conceptualisation and Branding Production for Networked Machines. Combining a myriad of design techniques along with 3D modelling, Networked Machines breathes new life to exhibition branding design.

Playing with the dichotomy between the natural and the unnatural, we’ve created a design that expresses the two elements entwined in a dynamic push and pull tension. The strange anamorphic forms remind us of the unpredictable essence of both nature and the future.

Networked Machines is a group exhibition by Hatch Art Project during Singapore Art Week 2022. The exhibition acts as a portal into the multiple and intertwined coexistences of humans and nonhuman, organic and inorganic, and the physical and virtual. Featuring two projects that speculate on two distinct futures of how plant life could exist; The mutated strange creatures of Afterman, alongside the 3D modelled and AI-generated plant NFTs of BIOS: Living NFTs, incorporate and utilise a multitude of scientific, analogous, and technological methodologies to form solidarity between these multiple coexistences.

According to Sue Oh, Director of Hatch Art Project: “The (Networked Machines) exhibition is designed to address the phenomena of fast-moving technologies in intelligent machines, modified nature, and even virtual reality place, and to question the taken for the granted assumption about what it means to be human and how we shall consider this other non-humanness in a symbiotic status.”