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Client: Jason Yu
Location: Singapore
Tags: #augmentedreality #creativedirection #artdirection


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To celebrate the new single of Singaporean singer-songwriter Jason Yu, we made a filter that would accurately reflect the aesthetic of his album cover. Through generative reflection and ripple effects, users can find engaging and creative ways to play and create unique experiences.

The filter also allows for users to turn off the reflection or change where the reflection is, thus, creating a customisable experience for all.

Now I Know:

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Jason worked closely with us again for his third single. With a distinct look again for his cover, we decided to push what was technically possible. We successfully created a filter that not only matched the aesthetics closely, but also found a way to track the different topological contours of the user’s face to generate a light streak that was extremely realistic. 


1 <Now I Know>
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