INSTINC D’ART Festival 22

Client: Instinc Gallery, National Art Council Singapore
Location: Singapore
Tags: #metaverse #spatialdesign #spacemaking #3dmodelling #creativedirection


Spatial Virtual Environment Metaverse production with 3D modelling, spatial design and creative conceptualisation for INSTINC D:ART FESTIVAL 22.

The metaverse is set in a virtual cave environment with the spatial design taking inspiration from the allegory of Plato’s Cave. As one travels through the cave, one will trek through four different galleries from a more confined space to an open space and ascent to sunlight at the end of the journey.

According to the curators, it is a metaphor for our current perception of the metaverse.

“Our understanding of virtual reality is constrained by our technological limitations and accessibility to technologies. While the exploration and exposure to uncharted realities have been perpetual human conditions, the transitional stage to the unknown can be both exciting and alienating.”

The space was launched together with a physical exhibition where people can get on the metaverse via VR headsets and send themselves into the virtual world.