Singapore Count down 2022

Client: Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), AUX Media Group
Location: Marina Bay Financial District, Singapore
Tags: #projectionmapping #projection #motiongraphics #creativedirection


A combination of 3D animation and projection mapping, GOLDEN HOUR is a phy-gital representation of creating new moments from otherwise familiar rhythms. A site-specific work commissioned for Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2022, GOLDEN HOUR looks towards transforming the ordinary - using a brick wall as the creative springboard whilst conceptualising phantasmal new experiences. Located in the Marina Bay waterfront promenade, the work literally opens and counts down towards a hopeful future, all whilst projecting the well wishes and dreams of Singaporeans for the future. Amidst the troubling and difficult moments today, GOLDEN HOUR therefore becomes a representation of the hopes and dreams of Singaporeans, and the future possibilities of tomorrows, unhindered by the weight of today.

GOLDEN HOUR will play near the Marina Boulevard Promenade from 1 Dec (2000-2230) to 31 Dec/1 Jan 2022 (2000-0100)