Creators climate action ar campaign

Collaborator: Woo Qiyun (@theweirdandwild)
Location: Singapore(Instagram Metaverse)
Tags: #augmentedreality  #creativetechnology #sustainability #csr #environment #activation #climatechange 


To celebrate World Environment Day on the 5th of June, we wanted to share with you a reflection of an AR campaign called Creators Climate Action organized by Qiyun(@theweirdandwild) last year and the motivations behind the movement.

As we are in the midst of another outbreak and our movements restricted once more, the same questions emerge when we are thinking about climate action. How do we continue to spread the word while we are working from home. This led us to think of new ways to engage people about climate change while socially distanced? Creators Climate Action aims to raise awareness as well as interest about environmental issues through a fun and interactive way on social media.

Through this collaboration with environmental activist Qiyun, the campaign reached out to various local artists and set out to create a series of filters that addressed different aspects of climate change or climate action. SERIAL transformed the artists' assets and ideas into unique and interesting filters that dealt with issues like global warming, recycling and animal protection to name a few.

As we continue to focus on our immediate surroundings and the problems that plague us, the world still requires our actions, however small, for a greener future. Creators Climate Action is our call to action. What is yours?

Talya (@mindinthemontainsart)
To Nurture Is Our Nature

The beauty of nature, manifested in flora and fauna is what I feel most closely to, being a lover of beauty and creation and art - I see nature and its animals as the purest and authentic form of art.

Aisyah (@nuhfun)

The White Kopsia and Striped Kukri Snake are some of the flora and fauna you can find in Singapore. A symbol of creative life force, earth energies, healing and transformation.

Qiyun (@theweirdandwild)
Love & Rage

Earth is on fire and I’m frustrated.

Toby (@tobyato)
Singapore Birbs

Biodiversity loss and conservation of species are important, but also the kinds of environmental mitigation processes and regulations we need to safeguard nature as we consider developing over forests.

Chao (@doodlesinabox)
Environmental Crisis

I think it’s important to understand that human beings are one of the threathened species. We are not seperate from nature and when we talk about saving the planet, we’re really talking about saving ourselves.

Dorcas (@earthtodorcas)
Urban Animals

Biophilia describes our inherent or natural affinity of us humans with the natural world. But while our parks are pretty and made to be as ‘natural’ as we can, our urbanisation has forced us closer to nature in bad ways.

Niki (@nikkei.dex)
Behind the Sand

Sand is the 2nd most used world resource after water, and Singapore is one of its biggest importers. With sand mining being a major geopolitical issue in S.E Asia, Singapore has already been banned from exporting sand from Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia.

Bambby (@bambbycheuk)
Breaking The Silence, Raise Your Voice

Change happens when pressure is placed on people who can make a difference, and a lot of pressure can be created by a lot of ‘nobody’s. The ‘voiceless’ nature needs every single voice to stand up against climate change. No voice is waste, no voice is useless and no voice is too small.

Dy (@mebydy)
Healing Flowers

We get so caught up with work that it drains up physically and mentally and sometimes we forget how to rest. Admiring flowers is one of my favourite hobbies. It makes me happy and I am sure it does for others. Many of us are not aware of the greenery around us. I hope my filter will encourage all of us to step out from our house and connect with nature. Capture exciting moments. Putting a smile on everyone while having fun.