The Bubble Tea Factory – Bobabae 

Client: El Masnou
Location: SCAPE, Singapore
Tags: #augmentedreality #creativedirection #artdirection


Bobabae is the cute mascot of The Bubble Tea Factory, a pop up museum at Singapore SCAPE that took Singapore by storm from Nov 2019 - Jan 2020.

We took the 2D mascot,  rendered it into 3D, and created an interactive bubble tea that users could “drink”. With the filter, they can sip on a virtual bubble tea and interact with Boba Bae, who will fly in and magically fill up the bubble tea once it is finished!

Working closely with the creative team, we developed a filter that would go viral with over 2 million views during the course of the event. Being a part of one of the zones in the museums, users were encouraged to use the filter and share the experience. Through this, users would follow them causing a gigantic spike in their follower count and social media presence.