ADM Graduation Show 2020 – Unseen Filter & The IM Show

Client: FACTORY, Nanyang Technological University, School of Art, Design and Media
Location: Gillman Barracks, Singapore
Tags: #augmentedreality #spatialdesign #creativedirection #artdirection


A special year for the Graduating Class of 2020 as the world slowly descended into chaos from a deadly pandemic, 164 unique graduates foresaw their 2020 Graduation Show to mirror what the 20-20 vision of what was to come.

The ADM Graduation Show 2020: Unseen to Seen is an online graduation show for the School of Art, Design & Media from Nanyang Technological University. Our engagement began with ideating a filter that would emulate the show’s branding on a generative, ever evolving creative batch of artists and designers.

We worked closely with Factory Design Agency to create this Augmented Reality filter that helped give hope in these trying times to these fresh graduates.


The Graduating Class of 2020 of the Interactive Media major had alternative plans on how to recreate the spatiality in their practice. For a major that consists of spatial and interactive design, The IM Show is a take on blending physical and digital spaces to create an augmented reality exhibition.

The first of its kind in Singapore where users could explore the works in a virtual gallery on an accessible platform such as Instagram opens up an entirely new possibility of experiencing art work during a pandemic.

We worked closely with the graduates of the Interactive Media major to create this Augmented Reality filter that helped enhance and bring their works to their audience.


                      1 <SEEN> <UNSEEN>
                         2 <THE IM SHOW>